GST on Director’s remuneration

GST on Director’s remuneration is a much disputed matter in the latest because of some Advance Rulings issued by various authorities. Some authorities had ordered that remuneration paid to any director in whatever manner (salary/sitting fee) is liable for GST. However, these orders have to face huge criticism from high […]

GST on Advance Receipts from Customers

With the implementation of GST as a new law, it brings some provisions which creates disturbances in the implementation vis-a-vis adoptability by taxpayers, professionals and judiciary. One of such provision is GST liability on advances receipts. There are so many questions on mind in respect of this, like:- What is […]

GSTN Database declared as Protective System under IT Act 2001

Ministry of Finance (MOF) has declared Goods and Services Tax Database and its associated infrastructure dependencies installed at Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN), as the protected system under Information Technology Act, 2000. MOF vide notification dated 4th February 2020, has declared that only following persons shall be authorised to […]