Transition – GST

In Transitional provisions under GST, we will discuss on the issues listed below:

  1. Return Forms to be filed during transition and their relevance
  2. Whether credit allowed to carry forward in GST for Unutilized balance of CENVAT / State VAT Credit standing on 30.06.2017
  3. What are various situations and conditions under Transitional provisions of GST Law
  4. What will happen to stock as on 30.06.2017 in case rate of tax under GST is higher than input tax available on purchases?
  5. Whether Excise duty credit will be available to dealer on stock on hand as on 30/06/2017 (or say, on opening stock of 01/07/2017) even if invoice is not available with dealer.
  6. What happens when tax is paid under State VAT at First Stage like in Punjab.
  7. What will be the position of dealer who do not have invoices to claim input tax credits, however he have to pay tax under GST on the stock lying with him as on 30.06.2017 ?
  8. Will GST provide solutions for debit notes/credit notes issued after 01.07.2017 for transactions of period upto 30.06.2017?
  9.  or many more

Transitional Credits not allowed in some cases- CBEC Circular 23.02.2018

On 23.02.2018, CBEC has issued a Circular CIR-33/07/2018-GST in relation to Disputed and Blocked Transitional Credits  (CENVAT Credits) carried forward under GST during Transition to GST. To prevent misuse of transitional credits and non-adherence to GST provisions, CBEC has issued this clarification. Text of such circular as follows:- In exercise of […]

Treatment of Input Credits where Invoice of purchases received by purchaser after 30.06.2017

A big question in everyone’s mind is that what will the treatment of input tax credits, where seller of goods or provider of services has issued invoice before 30.06.2017 under previous laws (i.e. under excise duty, State VAT or under Service Tax provisions) and such invoice received by purchaser after […]

Transitional Provisions for Input Tax Credits- Where exempted goods/services under previous law becomes taxable under GST

Input tax credits of Excise Duties Where a registered person under GST, who was engaged in the: manufacture of taxable as well as exempted goods under the Central Excise Act, 1944; or provision of taxable as well as exempted services under Chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994; and such […]

GST Transition- Input Tax Credit of State VAT allowed on Closing Stock as on 30.06.2017 even if dealer was not a registered VAT Dealer

The objective of this provision is to provide benefit of Input Tax Credits paid under State VAT laws to dealer (registered under GST), on stock in hand as on 01.07.2017 (which is liable to tax under GST), where such input tax credits were not claimed before 01.07.2017 because he was […]