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Recommendations of GST Council in Meeting on 21 July 2018- New Delhi

This article reiterates the outcomes of “GST Council Meeting 21 July 2018- New Delhi”. In this meeting, council¬† has provided benefits to both being consumers as well as traders. Bofore the upcoming Lok sabha elections in 2019, this…

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GST Act – Amendment Proposals July 2018

After successful implementation of GST during a complete period of one year, government is planning to enter into next level of GST to make it more smoother and trade friendly. Recently, government has issued proposals to amend CGST…

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IGST Exemption Schedule of Services

There are so many services exempted under IGST Act. These services are notified through IGST Rate Notification 9/2017 as amended from time to time. Following is the schedule of such services as amended till 27.07.2018 :-

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