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Clarifications issued by GST Council on Various Queries of GST on 18.01.2018

GST council, in its meeting on 18.01.2018, provide clarifications on various matters to resolve the early age disputes. These clarifications are discussed below:- 1) Exemption limit provided in Accommodation Sector also available to Hostels: It is clarified that…

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GST on sale of second hand (used and old) vehicles

In GST, margin scheme has been provided in case of sale of second hand motor vehicles. In this scheme, a person supplying old and used vehicles is liable to pay GST on the profit margin at the time…

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List of Goods where E-Way Bill not required for Transportation

Rule 138 of CGST Rules 2017 has prescribed certain supplies where generation and carriage of E-Way Bill not required. For the purpose of transportation of these supplies, person in-charge of the conveyance carrying such goods must have ‘Tax…

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What are the GST rates for Accommodation Sector?

GST rate for Accommodation services are provided in N/N CGST-R-11/2017 and CGST-R-12/2017. In India, GST rates are provided under different slabs on the basis of paying capacity of tenants/guests. High spending means higher rate of tax. GST rate…

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