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Transportation of Paddy/Rice is part of Composite Supply of Milling Work-AAR

In this Article, we will discuss on recent AAR issued by Chhattisgarh Authority for Advance Ruling in the case of M/s Taranjeet Singh Tuteja & Brothers for advance ruling sought on following issues:- Transportation of Paddy/Rice of Principal by…

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General Advisory on Refund of IGST paid on Exports of Goods with Payment of Tax

Recently, GSTIN system has issued an advisory in respect of Refund of IGST Paid on Export of Goods. This advisory is basically issued with reference to the processing of invoices of GSTR 1 pertaining to the export of goods…

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List of Goods where E-Way Bill not required for Transportation

Rule 138 of CGST Rules 2017 has prescribed certain supplies where generation and carriage of E-Way Bill not required. For the purpose of transportation of these supplies, person in-charge of the conveyance carrying such goods must have ‘Tax…

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