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Verification or inspection of Vehicle post GST?

Like VAT, it is also being provided in GST that government officials can verify and inspect any vehicle. Along with this, there are some additional provisions are inserted to empower tax payer and enhance transparency in the system.…

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Documents required with Driver during transportation of goods under GST

After implementation of E-way Bill rules, following are the documents which must be carried by the person-in-charge of the vehicle: Invoice or Bill of Supply or Delivery Challan, as the case may be. Copy of the e-way bill…

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E-Way Bill under GST

E-Way Bill is an electronic system (through Internet or SMS mode) to report movement of goods from supplier to recipient either by supplier or by recipient or by transporter to the government before such movement. This is not…

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Place of Supply of Goods under GST (Other than Imports from Outside India and Exports Out of India)

Situation of Transaction Place of Supply will be Case (a) Movement of Goods happened because of directly transacted by buyer and seller e.g. Seller is Sham of Mumbai and Buyer is RAM of Delhi Location where goods actually…

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What does it mean by Business Vertical in GST?

Section 2(18) of CGST Act 2017 defines the term Business Vertical. As per this section, Business Vertical means a distinguishable component of an enterprise that is engaged in the supply of individual goods or services or a group of related goods…

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GST in case of Branch transfer/ Stock Transfers

Schedule-I of CGST Act 2017 provides a list of activities which would be considered as supply even if made without consideration. Entry no. 2 of such list provides that “Supply of goods or services or both between related…

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