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GST for Transporters providing goods transport services by road (GTA Services) till 17/07/2022

As we know, GST is going to make a historic change in the indirect taxation system in India w.e.f. 1 July 2017. It will impact almost all the sectors in the country whether with small affects or with…

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What is the meaning and taxability of Composite Supply in GST?

Concept of Composite Supply: Concept of Composite Supply brought in law to easily identify and decide tax structure of supplies. There might be separate HSN Code, separate tax rate for goods/services included in a grouped supply. However, if…

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Place of Supply of Goods under GST (Other than Imports from Outside India and Exports Out of India)

Situation of Transaction Place of Supply will be Case (a) Movement of Goods happened because of directly transacted by buyer and seller e.g. Seller is Sham of Mumbai and Buyer is RAM of Delhi Location where goods actually…

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What does it mean by Business Vertical in GST?

Section 2(18) of CGST Act 2017 defines the term Business Vertical. As per this section, Business Vertical means a distinguishable component of an enterprise that is engaged in the supply of individual goods or services or a group of related goods…

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GST in case of Branch transfer/ Stock Transfers

Schedule-I of CGST Act 2017 provides a list of activities which would be considered as supply even if made without consideration. Entry no. 2 of such list provides that “Supply of goods or services or both between related…

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