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Recently, National Informatics Centre (NIC) has issued an updated Mobile App for officers to track the Vehicles carrying goods through e-way bill details.

As per NIC, the e-way bill system has been successfully integrated with FasTag and RFID. It will enable to fetch the details of commercial vehicle movements through the state and national highway tolls to integrate the same with the e-way bill system on a near real-time basis.

The features of this integration are given below :-

  • Vehicles passing through toll plazas, direction and time can be tracked in near real time by officer.

  • Information on last 10 times a given vehicle passing through some toll plazas will be available with officer on field.

  • List and detail of E Way Bills carried by a vehicle and its passage details at toll plazas for given period of time can be tracked by officer.

  • EWB, Vehicle details and their passage details for given EWB no. will be available with officer.

  • Officer can register for the tolls and the direction such that the vehicles passing through these tolls come towards the place where the officer is currently positioned.

  • List of Passage details for each vehicle is available now with officer.

  • The list of critical commodities, watch listed vehicles, watch listed GSTINs etc. can be viewed.

  • Information can be accessed on Map i.e. from and to locations as per EWB. It also shows the details of the vehicle passing through different toll plazas on the map.

  • Vehicle movement details during the period of EWB as well as other EWBs carried by this vehicle during the same period can be tracked by officer.

Complete advisory on new module may be accessed at following link :-

EWB-Vehicle-Tracking-Mobile-App 18052021

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