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In the GST Council meeting on 16/12/2017 held through Video Conferencing, “implementation of e-way bill system” was discussed. Some of the states (not all) are already using their own way bill systems with their own old rules. Due to hardship being presented by trade in respect of inter-state movement of goods through such states, it has become necessity to provide a common platform for all states to cause such movement of goods smoothly without undue hardships to transporters.

To meed the demand GST Council has decided following timelines for implementation of E-Way Bill System:

  • Nationwide E-way Bill System for Inter-state movement of goods will be started on trial basis from 16/01/2018.
  • Above system will be compulsory from 1st February 2018. It’s obligatory for every person causing inter-state movement of goods to comply with E-Way Bill rules from such date.
  • For the purpose of Intra-state movement of goods, State/UT governments are empowered to decide the applicability date for such system. They may opt any date from 16th January 2018 to 31st May 2018. However, from 1st June 2018, it will be mandatory for every state to adopt Nationwide common system and common rules for E-Way Bill system.

Refer Press Release Eway Bill 16.12.2017

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